Bible Study Tools

Let’s Get Ready

How to Have a Quiet Time, article from ‘The Four Sevens’

Music of the Gospel, article from ‘The White Papers’ – This article will change how you read the bible, I’m convinced because it did for me. It really changed how I would think about the content of a passage and helped me to draw big ideas that apply to my life. – Rob Menko

How to Study the Bible Effectively, a Cru transferable concept

How To Read the Bible, article by Jess Fong – By looking at 1 Samuel 17, the author of this article taught me a method of studying Scripture by looking for four things in a passage: the fallen condition, redemptive solution, theological big idea, and response. – Lauren Bodine

How to Read the Bible for Yourself, article by John Piper – This 2-minute read provides Bible study strategies that’ll help you correctly understand Scripture and apply it to your life. – Lauren Bodine

Principlizing Bridge – I learned about this tool on my Summer Mission  Junior year. I like this tool a lot because it helps me to think critically about a passage, looking at how it relates to the biblical audience and then how it relates to Christians today. – Rob Menko

How to Study the Bible by Robert M. West – Its a very small book with only 95 pages. It goes through the steps of Observation, Interpretation, Application and a few other approaches. -This small book is one of my favorites as it brings to light our need for God’s word and gives several strategies for personal Bible study. – Dave Maust

The Core Tools

  • Bible Translations – ESV, NAS, NIV, NLT
  • Bible Dictionary
  • New Bible Dictionary by Marshall, Millard, Packer, and Wiseman
  • Anchor Bible Study by Freedman
  • Old Testament Survey
  • An Introduction to the Old Testament by Dillard and Longman
  • Old Testament Survey by Lasor, Hubbard, and Bush
  • New Testament Survey
  • An Introduction to the New Testament by Carson and Moo
  • An Introduction of the New Testament by deSilva
  • Concordance
  • NLT Comprehensive Concordance by Sanson and LaCosse
  • Christian Theology
  • Concise Theology by Packer
  • Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know by Grudem
  •, online resourceAccess to different Bible translations.
  • Blue Letter Bible, online resource – Look up words in Greek, which can be really helpful when studying the Bible. – Ozzy
  • Study Bibles – The ESV study bible has great notes!  But I think you need to buy it to use the notes. – Ozzy…Actually there’s an app for that! ESV Study Bible App, all the awesome in one place, half the price as the physical Bible – Nathan Reynolds

How It All Connects

God’s Big Picture, book by Vaughan Roberts – Trying to understand the Bible by reading chapters here and there is like understanding an entire tv series by watching a few scenes across all of the seasons. Roberts helps you understand the whole of the Bible and the major themes running through it. A must read! – Nathan Reynolds

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, book by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart

How to Read the Bible Book by Book: A Guided Tour, book by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart – Awesome book! Provided me with concise background and historical context, which helped me see how each book of the Bible fits into the larger story of Scripture. -Lauren Bodine

Read Scripture – The Bible Project, YouTube series – 5-10 minute visual summaries of virtually every book of the Bible.  It is very clear and very helpful! – Brian Langford

One Story: How All of Scripture Points us to Christ, Bible study – This helped me see how every book of the Bible points me to Jesus as the solution to my brokenness. I learned skills on how to study various genres of Scripture, too! – Lauren Bodine

New Bible Commentary by Wenham, Motyer, Carson, and France

Let’s Get Going

31 Day Experiment – Give Scripture 31 days and see what happens.

Discover God Bible Studies – Great verse studies to help you discover themes of Scripture.

Character Study

  • Goal: Trace lives of different people in the Bible (Abraham, Moses, David, Paul, Peter)
  • Tools: Concordance and Dictionary
  • Example Format with Abraham

Thematic Study

  • Goal: Explore various themes in the Bible (love vs lust, faith vs fear, weakness vs power)
  • Tools: Concordance and Dictionary

Doctrinal Study

  • Goal: Explore various doctrines of our faith (attributes of God; Holy Spirit;grace;sin)
  • Tools: Systematic Theology book and Concordance

Book of the Month

  • Goal: Study a book of the Bible every month
  • Suggestion: Try a ‘book of the week’ first (Ruth, 2 Tim, Philemon)

 NT90X – New Testament in 90 days. Go!

Make the Most of Quiet Times

  • Spiritual Temperament Assessment – This short personality test helps you think through how to strengthen you time in the Word by adding other aspects that match your spiritual temperament. Valuing some of these areas will strengthen your relationship with God in great ways. – Nathan Reynolds
  • Sacred Pathways, book by Gary Thomas – God uniquely formed each of us, and if we each experience life differently, won’t our personalities influence how we worship God? Thomas describes 9 ways we can interact with God. 

I love these resources, Give me more!

  • Recommended Reading – article, A full list of books and important resources suggested by Cru

Online Resources