This semester Life Groups will be in the Gospel of John. We’ll be learning about Jesus, ourselves, and his love for us. Come join a weekly Life Group near you!

Week # Title Additional Content
1 Believe and Find Life  
2 Nicodemus  
3 Woman from Samaria  
4 Sick Man at the Pool  
5 Sharing Our Stories  
6 Living Water  
7 Love One Another  
8 The Vine and the Branches LG Launch
9 Sent Into the World  
10 Death and Resurrection of Jesus  
11 Review  

Additional John Content From Past Series

Week # Title Additional Content
Feeding 5000  
Jesus the Liberator  Who Am I
The Good Shepherd  
The Foot Washing  
The Way, the Truth, and the Life  
Come and See  
Cleansing the Temple Temple Diagram
Do You Want to Get Well?  
Living Water Thirsty Devotional
Thirsty – iPad Version
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman  
The Holy Spirit  
The Vine and the Branches  
Sent Into the World  
Another Advocate  
The Cross  
New Life in Christ  
John 18-19