Ministry Teams

Bridges Catalyst Group
Help align our hearts to God’s global heart and inform others of opportunities to reach out to International students at MSU. We have monthly meetings on Friday afternoon and have a Facebook group. Interested in being a part? Contact Tyler Dykstra at

Community Team
The community team is all about creating environments where Christians and non-Christians alike can gather together and experience the love and joy of the body of Christ. The team does this by organizing/hosting events throughout the year.Interested in being a part? Contact Rachel Northey at

Creative Board
Connect students to Christ and with others by promoting and mediating events and outreaches. We desire to glorify God by using our talents and skills within the ministry. Interested in being a part? Liana Walden at 

Good News Good Deeds
Showing Christ like love in practical ways to MSU students to create a space to share the Good News. We’re going to use loving acts of kindness and deeds to grasp their attention and show them a God who loves and cares for them. Interested in being a part? Contact Amy Paruk at 

Men’s Ministry
Create a place where men can gather to engage more into the movement and give them a place to grow together and personally in their walks with the Lord. This can include, but not limited to: outreach focus, fun focus, character focus, etc. Interested in being a part? Contact Rob Eberly at 

Outreach Team
That students involved in Cru are encouraged, equipped and growing in Christ-centered outreach on campus and beyond! Interested in being a part? Contact Loren Darling at 

Retreats Team
Create a time and space for students to get away from their every day routine, for time to intimately connect with God and experience true community and fellowship! Our hope is to create an environment where students come expectant and leave feeling challenged, encouraged and refreshed! Interested in being a part? Contact Deirdre Eberly at

Women’s Ministry
To help women grow in their knowledge of God and who He is, know their value to the Creator, and to build community. To help women become more like Christ–through offering events, resources, and fellowship (usually with coffee).  Interested in being a part? Contact Rachel Ryder at

Worship Team
Serve the movement by providing a place to worship and enjoy our great God. Interested in being a part? Contact Nathan Walden at

Real Life
We produce our campus-wide weekly meeting, Real Life, where we come together as a movement to worship God and grow in Knowing Christ, Surrendering to Christ, and Sharing Christ. Real Life is the largest student group meeting happening anywhere on campus each week, and you can be a part of helping to make it happen! We need new people with fresh ideas, and those who have been around a while and know what we’re all about. Whether you have specific skills you want to use, or just want to serve in any capacity you can, we need you and there’s a role for you! Here are just a few of the many ways we could use your help: sound/lights/technical equipment, set-up and teardown, decoration, community center, greeting, and more! Interested in being a part? Contact Brett Bodine at

Help the freshmen class build a spiritual community that will last the next four years and beyond. Also provide freshmen with opportunities to help them grow in their walk with the Lord, and ministry. Interested in being a part? Contact Rob Menko at