Real Life – Dinner and a Ride

Meet fellow students in your dorm for dinner and then head over to Real Life together. Here are some spots to meet up at.

Location Details

Dinner – Meet in the west lounge at 6:00 before heading to the caf.
Walk – Meet at 7:10 in the West Akers elevator lobby. 


Dinner meet behind Brimstone in Brody at 6:00PM.
Ride – Meet at 7:10PM in front of Emmons Hall to catch a ride. 


Dinner Case at 6:00pm.
Walk or Ride – Meet at 7:00pm in the North Lobby (by Sparty’s) to walk (sometimes ride) over to Real Life. 


Dinner Meet at Holden center lobby by mailboxes at 6pm to go to the caf.
Ride – We meet for rides at 7:00 in the Holden center lobby. 


Dinner – Meet at 6:30pm at the east side of the Holmes cafeteria.
Walk – Meet in the West Holmes Lobby at 7:10. 


Dinner Meet in South Hubbard lounge at 6:00 to have dinner in Akers.
Walk –  Meet outside of North Hubbard at 7:00 to walk to Real Life. 


Dinner – 6:15 in Sny-Phi (The Gallery).
Walk – Meet at 7:10 in the Phillips Lobby. 

Off Campus

We meet to walk up to Real Life together outside of the Starbucks in the Business College Complex!


 Dinner – Thursdays 6:45pm in Shaw, then walk over to Real Life together.

West Circle

Dinner – 6:15pm in Landon.
Walk or Ride 
– Meet at 7:10 in the Landon lobby. 


Dinner – 6pm in the Wilson.
Ride – Meet at East Wilson at 7:10. 


Dinner Meet in North Wonders lounge at 6pm.
Ride – Meet in North Wonders lounge at 7pm.