Staff Team

Brian Langford – Campus Staff 
Hometown: Utica, MI
College: Michigan
Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption…just don’t lock me in.
A fun night off might include: Some really good food with my wife and a movie.

Robin Langford – Campus Staff 
Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
College: Indiana University
Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids
A fun night off might include: Baking something yummy–bread, muffins, or a cake; watching a fun movie; playing games with my kids; going out to eat with friends.

Nathan Reynolds – Campus Staff 
Hometown: Loves Park, IL
College: Illinois State University
Favorite TV Characters: Eric Taylor and Ron Swanson
A fun night off might include: Living out the ‘Big Papi’ Taco Bell commercial with my son Archie.

Courtney Reynolds – Campus Staff 
Hometown: Mahomet, IL
College: Illinois State University
Favorite Drink: Cheap coffee with lots of flavored creamer (don’t judge) 🙂
A fun night off might include: Playing with Archie or going for a neighborhood walk, then after he goes to sleep (without any fussing of course), I enjoy ice cream and Netflix with my husband or time with friends pretending we aren’t old…but inevitably probably calling it a night by 10pm.

Brett Bodine – Campus Staff
Hometown: Troy, MI
College: University of Michigan
Favorite Snack: Pita & Hummus
A fun night off might include: Playing a game, watching or playing sports (pretty much anything), or reading a book.

Lauren Bodine – Campus Staff
Hometown: Grosse Ile, MI (it’s an island in the Detroit River!)
College: Michigan State University
Favorite Ice Cream: Mud Pie Mojo from Cold Stone! – Coffe ice cream, oreo, peanut butter, almonds & fudge – YUM!
A fun night off might include: Making dinner together, doing something outdoors, getting ice cream or frozen yogurt, going to see a movie, staying in & watching a movie, posting silly videos on friends Facebook walls, playing board games, quality “heart-to-hearts”…of course lots of laughing!

Bryan Morrison – New Staff
Hometown: Merrill, MI
College: Michigan State University
Favorite Activity: Anything involving plants or gardening: planting, weeding, and watching them grow. Forget learning Latin names though!
A fun night off might include: Dropping in uninvited on friends, a long walk or bike ride, stargazing, euchre, small instrument jam sessions, and reading children’s books aloud.

Kelli Morrison – New Staff 
Hometown: Grand Ledge, MI
College: MSU!
Favorite TV Channel: Food Network, hands down.
A fun night off might include: Time outside (playing catch, a walk, etc.), cooking or baking, reading a favorite book or watching a movie. I’m also an unashamed fan of MadLibs, so hit me with your best adverb or plural noun. 😉

Rob Menko – Campus Staff 
Hometown: White Lake, MI
College: Michigan State University
Favorite Video Game: League of Legends
A fun night off might include: Hanging out with friends, playing ultimate frisbee, watching a movie, or taking a hike.